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A Celebration of the Quest for Knowledge

by Teresa Jennings

Kit with CD

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A Celebration of the Quest for Knowledge

by Teresa Jennings

Kit with CD

Throughout history, humans have always searched for the new, the undiscovered, the unexplored, the unsolved, the possibilities. One of the most important things you can do with this inspirational all-school musical revue, or with any of its songs, is to bring it across the curriculum. The topic of discovery has so many connotations for the educational environment. You can focus on discovery itself, or on learning, invention, exploration, innovation, and so forth. These are things that can be taught, mostly by example, but also by discussion and reinforcement, which is where music can help. Discovery includes:

Discovery - The title song of the musical revue introduces the musical exploration of all things possible, which is the theme of the revue. This song has an A section and a B section which are essentially the meat of the tune and repeat often, including a key change. The important thing to remember is that the tune can be performed in unison. All of the additional parts are optional, as is the solo.
I Can Learn - This song is meant to be the primary tune for the revue, but older kids enjoy it just as much. You can use it in any way you like. As far as the music is concerned, your students will pick up the melody very quickly. It is fun, singable, and simple.
Put On Your Thinking Cap - The best way to use this song is with the Performance/Accompaniment recording. Singers will feel the driving pulse readily, which in turn will help them with the style of the piece. The verse is meant to be sung with a degree of passion, as if they are delivering a very important message.
Dream Your Dreams - Beginning gently and gradually building to a magnificent and powerful ending, this song is undeniably strong enough to be used as the closer or finale to any program. Two soloists perform a duet at the opening of the song, but the piece will work very nicely in unison throughout.
An Adventure! - What a happy song! And what a positive message for your students and your audience members alike. As the script says, "Life is not just a journey, life is an adventure!" The song is meant to be the finale. However, its universal message would make it a good addition to any upbeat or motivational program.

This is too important not to share with your colleagues. Whether you stage this revue or just use it in the classroom, this Kit provides a script with connecting dialog, a teacher's guide, program artwork, as well as movement and staging suggestions.

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